Kim Ho-Gon: I will let Kim Shin-Wook Leave For A Good Offer

30 Jun

Ulsan Hyundai manager Kim Ho-Gon stated after Round 15 match against FC Seoul that he will let Kim Shin-Wook move if there is a good offer. Previously, Kim Shin-Wook had told the press that he will follow his manager’s decision on his transfer.


“Kim Shin-Wook told me that he will follow my decisions regarding his transfer and he will concentrate on his game. I was so happy to hear that,” said Kim Ho-Gon after his team beat FC Seoul 2-0. “We haven’t received a good offer for him yet. He makes great contribution at our club. But because he showed me his faith, I will let him go anytime if an offer is made that can benefit both the team and the player.”

As a matter of fact, Kim Shin-Wook led his team to a meaningful victory against the reigning champion on this day, scoring the first goal of the match only fifty seconds after the kick-off.


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