“Incheon will welcome Lee Chun-Soo”

31 Jan

Incheon United manager Kim Bong-Gil and captain Kim Nam-Il opened their mouths to talk about Lee Chun-Soo.


Kim Bong-Gil expressed his desire to give Lee Chun-Soo another chance. “I’m not sure about the situation yet. I heard that he still has things to sort out with Chunnam,” said the 46 years old. “But if things get solved well, I will definitely welcome Lee Chun-Soo.”

“I’m saying this not just because we are both from Incheon. As a former footballer, I feel sorry for him. People make mistake. I hope Lee Chun-Soo can be forgiven,” added Kim Bong-Gil. “I still value his ability. I’m sure he’s now mature. I want to see him playing on the field again.”

Former national team teammate Kim Nam-Il agreed with the manager. “It is clear that Lee Chun-Soo has many. He will contribute to the team. Of course, he will have to feel responsible about his misdeeds,” said the 35-year-old local star.
“I wasn’t a very nice person, either. But I have changed a lot since I met Kim Bong-Gil. Same thing could happen for Lee Chun-Soo. If he joins another team, he might find it hard to adjust. But at Incheon, things will be better.”


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