Jong Tae-Se: I want to become a champion at Suwon

8 Jan

He’s finally here. 

Jong Tae-Se arrived at the Incheon International Airport on Tuesday. The 28 year old powerful “People’s Rooney” said he was surprised by South Korea’s cold weather and stated his goal for the upcoming season, which is likely to be his debut season in the southern part of the Korean peninsula.


“My only thought at the moment is that I need to do well at Suwon. Being a footballer is always same at anywhere” said the powerful striker. “I haven’t won trophies as a footballer yet. So I’m desperate to become a champion at Suwon.”

“I’m a striker so if I don’t score, I won’t be able to play. Expectations are high, and I need to do well. I want to score at least fifteen goals this season. It’s not much, but it’s the minimum requirement, I think. A team cannot win trophies if a striker doesn’t score fifteen goals.”

If his move to Suwon is completed, Jong Tae-Se becomes the fourth North Korean player to play in the domestic Korean K-League. His National Team teammate An Yong-Hak, who previously spent four seasons in Korea at Busan IPark and Suwon Samsung, seems to have influenced Jong Tae-Se’s move.

“I heard a lot about Suwon from An Young-Hak. He said it’s a big club and has great supporters. He also told me that it’s a great environment to focus on football, so I will have to do my best here.”

“I knew Dženan Radončić from Japan. It won’t be easy for me to secure a starting spot at Suwon. But I was born as a man and I must challenge. I will do my best to play in the team.”

Jong Tae-Se also briefly showed off his knowledge about South Korean football, which seems to be from Cha Du-Ri, who maintained a close relationship with the North Korean during their stay in Germany.

“I know that teams like FC Seoul and Ulsan Hyundai are great. Especially I heard a lot about Seoul. Cha Du-Ri used to tell me that I will more fit into Suwon rather than Seoul, which emphasizes passing play. I’m also aware of the fact that Suwon has a good record against Seoul even though Suwon sits on the lower part of the league table these days.”

Jong Tae-Se immediately moved to Suwon from the airport for a medical test. He will also take a physical test at Samsung STC on Wednesday. If he passes both tests, he will have his first press conference as a Suwon player on Thursday.


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