Lee Yong-Rae answers to the rumours

28 Aug

Lee Yong-Rae answered to the rumours that followed him as he sought a move to Al Jazira Club (UAE).

“I am indeed disappointed for the cancellation of the transfer. But I was more disappointed with the attitude of media. They started to pour all these rumours about me and I was hurt,” said the 26 year old.



“Some said that I was moving to the Middle East because my family was poor and we needed more money. I admit we are not rich. But we are not that poor. My father was hurt after reading those reports and I felt really sorry.”

“And then some sources said that the transfer was cancelled because the owner of Al Jazira did not like me after seeing my body small in size. That’s not true. I didn’t even meet the owner. The manager wanted me, and he really liked me. He told me that everything would be okay after the medical test did not go well.”

“It was shocking to hear that I had heart problems at the medical. I mean, I have only been playing football for my whole life and now they were telling me that I should not play football because I had heart problems. On the other hand, I felt strange about the result. I never felt any problems throughout my career. It was weird to hear that there was a crucial problem so that I should not play football.”

“After some examinations, what they told me was that the medicine I had been taking to reduce pain in my Achilles tendon could have made my heartbeat irregular. And because I have been playing football without rest for a long time, my body lacked water. Those things could have influenced the medical test. They are not the biggest problems, but I heard later that the team doctor at Al Jazira was the one who was involved after Patrice Muamba collapsed. Maybe he had some trauma.” 


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