Rumours for the Korean Professional Second Division

21 Aug

The expectations are high for the Korean professional second division that will be inaugurated next season, and rumors are spreading about the teams that will participate in the second division.


First of all, Ansan HFC is reportedly planning for a relocation to Goyang. Formerly known as Ansan Hallelujah FC, the club was not welcomed at Ansan due to its religious background. After changing its name to HFC, the club has been looking for a new city to settle down. According to some sources, Goyang city has shown much interest in hosting the club.


This leads to the second rumour that Goyang KB is also about to participate in the second division, but based in a different city. It is not clear to which city KB is considering relocation, but fans are guessing that Jamsil Sports Complex will be the most likely place for KB to settle down. In fact, some pundits have been suggesting that Goyang KB should move to Jamsil Sports Complex, which has not been hosting any professional football team.


In addition, it has been reported that the city of Gumi, the second largest city in Gyeongsangbuk-do, is preparing for a citizen-based club to participate in the second division. It is known that Gumi city has been trying hard to erase the dry and dark impression of the industrial city, and establishment of a professional football club has been recommended as a possible option.  




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