Chunnam coach makes difficult decisions

20 Aug

Chunnam Dragons’ newly appointed manager Ha Seok-Ju announced that he made a couple of decisions to rescue Chunnam out of the relegation zone.



First, he confirmed that Yoon Suk-Young will not move this summer. Even though Yoon Suk-Young did receive offers from Europe, Ha Seok-Ju asked him to stay at least until the end of this season and Yoon Suk-Young agreed. Yoon Suk-Young will seriously consider a move this winter hopefully after getting his team out of relegation zone.

Second, he decided that Lee Woon-Jae will not play until he loses some weight and gets back to normal fit. “He has gained 8 to 9 kilograms. He is not in the perfect fit and he lost his confidence as well,” said the 44 year old manager. “I talked to him and we decided that he would stay out of the field for a while and focus on getting back to good form. Until then, our young GK Ryu Won-Woo will replace him.”


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