Hwang Sun-Hong: I had no other choice for Shin Hyung-Min

19 Aug

Hwang Sun-Hong, the current Pohang Steelers manager confessed that he had no other choice but to let Shin Hyung-Min move to Al Jazira Club in the UAE Pro League.




“There were offers for Shin Hyung-Min from various clubs, especially from Chinese clubs since early this year. Then there was this offer from Al Jazira in the summer and he wanted to move and have a new challenge,” said the 44 year old manager.

“I couldn’t just force him to stay this time. Of course, it was a hard decision because he is a good player and it’s painful losing our captain in the middle of the season. But I believe it was a decision good for him and the team.”

Hwang Sun-Hong encouraged Shin Hyung-Min for the new challenge. “He is a hard working and responsible person. I believe he will do well in Al Jazira.”

Even though Shin Hyung-Min was one of the key players in the team, Hwang Sun-Hong seemed confident without him. “Hwang Ji-Soo is on good form. I believe he can successfully replace Shin Hyung-Min. And I will bring up young talents such as Lee Myung-Joo.”

Meanwhile, Shin Hyung-Min visited the Steel Yard before Sunday’s game against Daegu FC and said farewell to the fans of the club he had played for five years. “Thank you for your support and I will return to Pohang after two years,” said the 26 year old midfielder.


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