Chunnam Manager: It’s hard to recall Lee Chun-Soo now

17 Aug

Ha Seok-Ju, the newly appointed Chunnam Dragons manager, expressed his opinions about recalling Lee Chun-Soo.





“I know the team is currently in a desperate situation, but I think recalling Lee Chun-Soo would be an extremely sensitive matter,” said the 44 year old South Korean. “He is famous and he might be still good. But it’s so complicated that I cannot include him in the team. He has things to solve with the team.”

Lee Chun-Soo has been on “arbitrary suspension” status after he made conflicts with the Chunnam staff in 2009. Ha Seok-Ju, who was the assistant manager at the time of the incident seems to be careful with the decision.

Even though the transfer window has been closed, door is open for Lee Chun-Soo because players who are withdrawn from the arbitrary suspension list can be registered at any time through the season. Because Chunnam is currently lying on the bottom of the table, some people argued that Lee Chun-Soo could change the tide. However, it seems like Ha Seok-Ju is not going to recall Lee Chun-Soo anytime soon.


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