Anyang Fans are planning performances for tonight’s National Team Game

15 Aug

Tonight’s South Korean National Team’s friendly against Zambia is held in Anyang Stadium. And for football fans in Anyang, this is not just an A-team friendly. This is going to be the last chance for Anyang FC.





A.S.U Red, the supporters group of now defunct Anyang LG (which moved to Seoul and became FC Seoul), are reportedly planning some performances tonight to encourage establishment of Anyang FC. This year, hopes were high for Anyang FC as the current Anyang mayor Choi Dae-Ho strongly insisted on the establishment of Anyang FC. He came up with a plan that they establish Anyang FC and participate in the newly set up second division from the next season.

However, the city council refused to pass the budget needed for Anyang FC and now, it seems like the establishment of Anyang FC will not be possible in near future.

A.S.U Red is viewing tonight’s game as the last chance to gain attention for Anyang FC and to revive hopes for the revival. Tonight, fans will witness the Super Power Anyang. 


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