Fans and the Director in conflict in Gwangju FC

14 Aug

Gwangju FC, currently ranked at 12th in the league table, seems to be finding hard times both inside and outside the club. 

Fans and the manager, Choi Man-Hee, have constantly shown grievance towards the director of the club, Park Byung-Mo. 




According to a recent news report, Park Byung-Mo has pleaded other directors of the K-League to beat Gwangju FC so that he would not have to pay win bonus to the squad. In the last season, he neglected to pay wages to manager until media reported about it. He did pay the wages after harsh criticism from the media and the fans, but he is reportedly still refusing to pay incentives to the players and the manager.

Choi Man-Hee had scouted a couple of cheap players considering the budget, but he could not sign them because Park Byung-Mo refused to hand out the transfer fee. Thus, Gwangju FC has been playing this season without any major signings.

Living conditions in Gwangju also seem terrible. Since Gwangju does not have a club house, Gwangju FC players are living in a small rented house. Two players are sharing one small room that can barely have two beds placed. Players have been also complaining about the terrible quality of the food provided by the club, but Park Byung-Mo has done nothing to improve the conditions.

Gwangju FC did get sponsorship, but apparently, Park Byung-Mo has used the money provided through sponsorship for his own use. As a result, Gwangju FC players are suffering from lack of basic training goods such as uniforms and balls.

Fans of Gwangju FC were enraged and tried to show their grievance, but currently Gwangju FC’s home page is unavailable. Fans are guessing that Park Byung-Mo intentionally closed the website to avoid fans’ complaints.

Manager Choi Man-Hee has also shown dissatisfaction with the director. “We have difficulties that may not be visible from the outside,” said the 55 year old veteran recently.

“I hope things become better so that players can only focus on the game.”


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